Omaya's Flavours

For more than 60 years we've served up the finest, freshest ice cream 

We use high quality, all natural ingredients, locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables, continuing to challenge our creativity with new tropical flavors and striving to bring delight to our client's faces.

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Arabic Ice Cream

Since 1954, From the Heart of Old Damascus

If we go back in the history of the ice cream industry, it all began in China. Later, the Italian explorer Marco Polo introduced Europe, with an ice cream made out of snow mixed with fruit juice. The Italians and the French developed the recipe. The ice cream industry began to develop rapidly and soon became semi-automatic until it developed into fully-automatic in the nineteenth century. 

The founders of Omaya ice cream visited Italy and brought the ice cream industry to Damascus, where the first ice cream factory in the Middle East was built in 1954. Omaya ice cream was first launched at the same time as the Damascus International Fair. Its founders excelled at adapting the Italian ice-cream recipe and mixing it with the Oriental rich flavours, which soon became known to all the inhabitants of Damascus. Since then, the Omaya ice cream has been one of the leaders on the market in terms of taste and quality for its use of the finest raw materials. 

Over the years, we developed the ice-cream industry in the Middle East and we are now currently producing more than 54 flavours. We work hard to maintain our position as one of the best producers and developers of the ice-cream industry. We are extremely proud to serve our customers since 1954 and for many more generations to come. 

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